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About Lombari Real Estate Wealth Advisors

At Lombari Real Estate Wealth Advisors, we believe real estate buyers and owners should always be aware of the wealth building potential of properties that will be held for personal use or as wealth building assets.

Our focus is to aid high net worth individuals in carefully considering their short and long term goals for their real estate portfolios whether it is only their primary residence, a commercial property housing their business, a Family Office,  or a massive real estate investment fund.
We work with clients’ CPA’s, Financial Planners, Estate Planners, Business Managers and Trust, Divorce, and Immigration Attorneys to ensure a wise strategy in sync with clients overall personal and wealth goals.
It’s often said, “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.”  Meaning that your purchase price is the major factor that determines your profit when you sell.  You can’t rely on an appreciating market, wishful thinking or new construction coming in under budget to create your profit margin.  
Making that “great buy” requires 3 main things: A network of professionals that has access to investment quality properties, an astute eye for potential value and experienced advisors with advanced negotiation skills.
As important as the purchase is, there are strategies that amplify the value, income and tax benefits of holding properties.  Many of our clients are growing their assets by utilizing 1031 exchanges and rolling profits, tax deferred directly into their next property.  Some clients are looking specifically for VALUE ADD properties that they can increase rents (and property values) by renovating or repositioning their properties. 
While our primary market is Greater Los Angeles and specifically, Coastal Los Angeles and the Westside: Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Venice and Marina del Rey, our practice is networked across the entire United States.
Give us a call and let’s find your perfect real estate wealth investing balance! We can be reached via phone or text at (310) 903-6509 or via email at info@thelombarigroup.com.